Reimagining Together

Pre-Conference Deep Dive.

Gear up for the conference with this two-hour Deep Dive, designed to prime our minds for the learning ahead. Longer than a standard workshop, this session will allow extra time to process together, build connections with one another, and dig deeper together – all before the conference officially kicks off.

New Challenges Call for New Thinking

Presented by: Corinna Wilson, President, Wilson500, and certified de Bono Method Trainer

COVID-19 did not come with a playbook. We are making it up as we go, looking for the right tools for this unprecedented job. Our current logic system is a good way of coming to right/wrong answers. It is increasingly inadequate as a way of producing new ideas, however. The pandemic has made it clear that we need new thinking to meet the challenges presented by today’s “new normal.” 

24 Informative Sessions.

Each day of the virtual conference will feature four workshops in the following workshop tracks: Advocacy, Communications, Finance & Strategy, Leadership, People Power, Resource Development.