Ticket Pricing.

Let’s Reimagine Together.

2020 has thrown us lots of curve balls. We’re responding with some curve balls of our own! We’ve mixed up our traditional fee structure to make it easier for the “together” part of Reimagining Together to happen – here, you’ll find pricing for individual attendees as well as entire teams, for individual sessions as well as the whole she-bang. We’ve even got student rates for those among us who aren’t “officially” in the field – yet.

Most sessions will be recorded (How to Be Together Apart with Priya Parker will NOT be recorded) but we highly encourage participation in real time, as sessions will involve plenty of opportunities for engagement and interaction with your peers. Because recordings will be available, you can purchase a full conference ticket at any time and will be granted access to any sessions you may have missed.

Members of PANO & GPNP – look for a special discount code for half off the prices listed here.

With the generous support of our many sponsors, we’ve been able to offer much lower pricing than would’ve been possible for an in-person event. Even still, we recognize that COVID has impacted all of us differently and we don’t want fees to be a barrier to attendance. Contact us for information about scholarships, made possible by our fabulous Scholarship Sponsors.



  • Full conference (access to all Deep Dives, all Workshops, and all Keynotes)
  • For full-time undergrad or graduate students



  • Full conference (access to all Deep Dives, all Workshops, and all Keynotes)
  • For those who are unaffiliated with an organization or are not attending with other members of their organization



  • Available for Deep Dives, Keynotes, and Full Conference Only
  • For those interested in bringing multiple members of their team – board, staff, and volunteers alike
  • Small Org, Medium Org, and Large Org Categories

A La Carte Options.

Can’t commit to the full conference? One or two workshops catch your eye? Interested in a particular workshop track? The beauty of this virtual experience is that you can now pick and choose which sessions you want to attend! Join us for a Deep Dive here, a keynote there, a workshop or two in between. No overnight bags required.

Deep Dives: $90 each
Single Workshops: $20 each
Keynotes: $50 each
Tracks: $60 per track

Team Options.

Let’s put the “together” in Reimagining Together – experience the 2020 Collaborative Conference with your whole team! With this year’s virtual setting, you can now bring the whole gang: your Development Department, your front line staff, your board members, your volunteers…all are welcome on your team ticket. The best part? You won’t have to book an entire floor’s worth of hotel rooms!

In an effort to offer equitable options for organizations of different sizes, we’ve created tiered pricing based on your organization’s budget size. We are relying on the honor system here so please select the right option for your organization, according to your own budgetary needs at this time.

Small Orgs
Budget Under $1 Million

Deep Dive: $300
Keynote: $200
Full Conference: $1,000

Medium Orgs
Budget between $1-5 Million

Deep Dive: $400
Keynote: $300
Full Conference: $1,450

Large Orgs
Budget over $5 Milion

Deep Dive: $500
Keynote: $400
Full Conference: $2,000

24 Amazing Workshops.

Each day of the virtual conference will feature four workshops. Come along with us for Reimagining Together and see where the possibilities take us.