Our Sponsors.

Beyond Sponsorship.

Each of the companies who help to make the Collaborative Conference possible are more than “just” sponsors – they are true partners. Their dedication to and support of the nonprofit sector is deeply appreciated, perhaps now more than ever as we all lean on each other to carry us forward after these last few years. Scroll down to learn more about our generous sponsors and what they can do to advance your nonprofit’s mission.

Interested in showcasing the unique services your company can offer the nonprofit community? Sponsorship opportunities remain – join us in Landing the Plane (Without Wrecking It)!

Thank You to All.

Special thanks to the following companies for jumping into the cockpit with us and for the unique services, products, and support they all have to offer to help us land our planes as safely as possible. Click each logo to learn more about our courageous corporate partners.

Explore Our Workshops.

This year’s conference will feature workshops in the following tracks, plus a whole day of virtual fun (coming soon!): Caring for the Crew, Charting the Course, Fueling the Flight, Ground Control to Major Tom, Piloting the Plane, and Thinking Outside the (Black) Box.