Keynotes & Presenters 2023

Powerful Keynote Speakers.

Kick off the 2023 conference with More than Enough!, a keynote by Transformative Culture Consultant Monica O. Montgomery on September 19. The next day, September 20, we’ll be joined by a panel of nonprofit professionals who will help us think through how to bring ideas from Monica’s keynote to life in our own organizations in Caring for the Crew: Fortifying Our Planes from the Inside Out.

The following week, on September 27, we’ll be joined on-screen once again by the fabulous Donna Murray Brown for You STILL Know More Than You Think – And You ARE Enough!, a continuation of last year’s fireside chat-style keynote.

More than Enough!

Date: Tuesday, September 19

Presented by: Monica O. Montgomery, MA,  Transformative Culture Consultant

As our work strives to keep pace with post-pandemic progress, urgent needs often arise from our communities, constituents, and causes that make us feel as if we don’t have enough. It’s time to pause and reset, as we seek to lay foundations of healthy, inclusive spaces, free from burn out and scarcity and ripe with potential, abundance and innovation. Together, let’s examine the momentum of the nonprofit sector at large as we navigate towards a more expansive and thoughtful path that illustrates we have ‘more than enough’!

Caring for the Crew: Fortifying Our Planes from the Inside Out

Date: Wednesday, September 20

Moderated by: Kerri Strauss, Founder & Principal, Kerri Strauss Consulting

Panelists: Denina Bautti, Trauma-Informed Mindfulness Teacher, Sage Action Consulting | Susan Loucks, Organizational Development Consultant, Susan Loucks Consulting | Edith Yoder, EdM, CEO, Bridge of Hope

If all nonprofits have one thing in common, it’s that they run on people power. Sure, most organizations need other resources to “fuel the flight”, but it’s the paid and unpaid staff we rely on to identify, cultivate, and leverage those resources – building, flying, and landing the various planes we all have in the air, to put it one way. It’s no surprise, then, that a 2023 Forbes article listing 16 emerging trends for nonprofit leaders to watch this year included four related to taking care of our flight crews:

  1. The need for more staff resources and financial support (trend #1)
  2. Alternative staffing options (trend #2)
  3. Mental health mindfulness (trend #15)
  4. Flexible work options (trend #16)

So, what does all this look like in practice? What are some ways that organizations can – and are! – bring(ing) these trends to life in their workplace? In this panel discussion-style keynote, moderated by nonprofit leader and consultant Kerri Strauss, we’ll hear three different perspectives on how you can take care of the people who are taking care of your mission – your crew!

Virtual Keynote: You STILL Know More Than You Think – And You ARE Enough!

Date: Wednesday, September 27

Presented by: Donna Murray-Brown,  Vice President of Strategy & Development, National Council of Nonprofits

Building the plane while flying it (our conference theme in 2022!) is an excellent metaphor for how it feels leading through an unprecedented world event to where we are today. We have mastered doing our work through ambiguity, yet after building the plane while flying, we find that navigating – and then landing – the plane we have made still requires a lot. How to navigate with clarity and purpose continues to be questions we ask of ourselves and our team members. 


Yes, you already have what you need, and you are enough. The opportunity before us is to gain clarity and purpose in our new reality by reframing our work. Guided by the belief that hope is a great attribute but is not a strategy for success, Donna Murray-Brown will share a simple yet powerful framework that will assist with navigating the plane and make for a safe landing.


PANO’s Executive Director, Anne Gingerich, will engage Donna Murray-Brown in a special keynote through a provocative chat on navigating the plane with the knowledge you have while aiming for impact in new ways through a practical framework called Ignite, Cultivate, Activate, and repeat. 

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