Why Your Diversity Initiative is (Probably) Useless

Presented by: Kristen Donnelly, EVP & Founder, Abbey Research

Synopsis: As we all work together to build this new version of the world, “diversity” is on everyone’s mind in new ways. The issue is that how we’ve done D/I education for years is shallow at best and wrong at worst. By equating “diversity education” to really mean “black/white racism”, as we’ve often done, we’ve missed out on hundreds of thousands of opportunities for people to richly contribute to the human experience from their own lived intersections as well as placing the labor squarely on the shoulders of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color). This workshop will follow the logic: diversity is reality, inclusion is the goal, privilege is the barrier. Through interactive activities, small group discussion, and personal reflection time, participants will leave armed with a richer understanding of how to truly include all the voices at the table.

Learning Goals:

  • Gain both an academic and pragmatic understanding of intersectional diversity
  • Understand how employing an intersectional approach to D/I will change their organization
  • Come away with at least three pragmatic tips on how to start the conversation within their own organization
  • Understand our own intersections of oppression and privilege and how to leverage those with others (or at least the start of that journey!)

Workshop Details

When: Thursday, October 22,
12:45 – 2:00 pm

Track: Leadership

Target Audience: Everyone!

Kristen Donnelly

EVP & Founder, Abbey Research

Abbey Research was founded by Dr. Kristen Nielsen Donnelly in 2015. A social science researcher with over two decades of experience, Dr. Donnelly is also a trained social worker with experience working in non-profits and faith communities.

After completing her PhD, Dr. Donnelly realized that her passion for serving leaders and her skills as a researcher complemented each other perfectly and Abbey Research was born.

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