Keynotes & Presenters.

Powerful Keynote Speakers.

On Wednesdays, October 19 and 26, a powerful, inspiring keynote speaker will grace our virtual stage.

You Know More than You Think – And That’s Enough!

Presented by: Donna Murray-Brown, Vice President of Strategy and Development, National Council of Nonprofits

The last few years have turned almost everything we know to be true on its head. This remarkable moment can render feelings of inadequacy as you attempt to chart the way for leading your organization or simply getting great work done in a forever-changing world.

The good news? You are not the only one experiencing this moment in time! We are all building the plane while flying. And you are filled with experiences that have prepared you to do hard things, to solve problems, and to overcome. You know you don’t have to hold all of the knowledge and that there is power in diverse and collective thought and action. You know how to assess, predict, monitor, and course-correct. You are built for this moment.

PANO’s Executive Director, Anne Gingerich, will engage Donna Murray-Brown in a special fireside chat-style keynote filled with pointed questions that get at the heart of change, overcoming, and trusting your instincts. This candid conversation will be a reminder to us all that we know more than we think—and that’s enough. 

What are You? A Journey to Self-Discovery

Presented by: Brandon Wiley, Founder & Executive Director, Opened-Eyes

In order for us to understand the world around us, we must first understand ourselves – especially as we all find ourselves in uncharted territory on our constantly changing flight paths. This talk will focus on mindfulness-based practices as well as exploring a deeper understanding of who we are, or better yet, what we are.

Our Presenters.

Get to know our stellar line-up of speakers who will lead us through dynamic sessions and activities throughout this virtual experience.

Collaborative Conference Agenda.

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