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Powerful Keynote Speakers.

On Tuesday, October 12, and Thursday, October 21, a powerful, inspiring keynote speaker will grace our virtual stage.

Building a Healthy, Mindful, Resilient Workplace Culture in a Digital World

Presented by: Meico Whitlock, Founder and CEO of Mindful Techie | Digital Wellness Coach

As a nonprofit professional, you work day in and day out to transform society so everyone has an opportunity to thrive. You love what you do, but you have too many things on your plate, are continually putting out fires, and never have enough time and resources to get everything done. But the need for your work has increased since the pandemic. To top it all off, you’re wondering how to create a healthy and resilient workplace culture in today’s remote-first world.

If this sounds like you, no matter your level or role, join this interactive keynote session on being a mindful leader and creating a healthy and resilient workplace culture in a digital world. We’ll explore best practices to help shift from being mindless leaders to mindful leaders, use technology with intention, and create a culture of wellness so you can do your best work in a sustainable way.

Learning Intentions:

  • Understand what mindful leadership is, why it matters, and its benefits
  • Learn best practices for creating a healthy post-pandemic workplace culture
  • Get an overview of the latest apps and strategies for creating a healthy and productive remote-first workplace
Mapping Our Social Change Roles

Presented by: Deepa Iyer, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Building Movement Project | Host of Solidarity Is This podcast

How do we create and nurture robust and effective nonprofit ecosystems centered in values of equity, inclusion and solidarity? In today’s world, nonprofit professionals confront a myriad of internal and external challenges that can take us off track, overwhelm us, and hinder the effectiveness of our work. During this keynote session, Deepa Iyer (Building Movement Project) will provide frameworks and practices that can enable us to (re) commit to social change values, roles and practices.

Learning Intentions:

  • Recognize how internal and external challenges of this time can affect the work of nonprofits
  • Identify tools, resources and practices to strengthen collaborative practices
  • Understand how to utilize the social change ecosystem framework in your work and organization

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