Are Mediation and Restorative Practices in Your Toolkit?

Presented by: Becky Becker, MPA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, President & CEO, Work4Accord, LLC & Chris Fitz, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Advoz

Synopsis: Does your organization have the capacity, a process, and willingness to provide the dignity and space to empower your staff to resolve conflict?

Perhaps decisions around when and how to reopen are causing friction among your staff. Maybe there is a lack of trust or even outright hostility between those who are ready to go back to the office and those who are firmly in the “remote work” camp. Perhaps there’s some internal conflict over how your organization should acknowledge and support issues of racial justice, or maybe a co-worker has told an insensitive joke that offends another staff member. Everyone involved in these conflicts are valued members of your team, and may have even worked together successfully for several years.

So…what are your options? Do you write someone up? You know if you do nothing, you’re complicit. But disciplining one party does not undo the hurt. You recognize these wounds left unhealed often fester until one of your team members leaves the team or the organization.

Imagine you have the means to empower your people in conflict, to devise their own solutions, to save face and heal. That’s what this session is all about – adding Mediation and Restorative Practices to your toolbox for the conflicts that are bound to arise in today’s increasingly divisive environment. Learn how Mediation can help bring your people closer together, even while COVID continues to keep us all apart.

Learning Goals:

  • Define Mediation
  • Understand when Mediation can be used
  • Identify how Mediation is being used successfully in many settings that are transferable to the workplace
  • Understand how to remove “conflict of interest” perceptions and increase success by using Neutrals
  • Identify the foundational policies and resources your organization can put in place now allowing you to have Mediation as a real (not imagined!) tool

Workshop Details

When: Wednesday, October 21,
10:45 am – 12:00 pm

Track: People Power

Target Audience: Thought Leaders, People Managers, Problem Solvers, Peace Advocates

Becky Becker, MPA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

President & CEO, Work4Accord, LLC

Becky Becker is the President and CEO of Work4Accord, a registered LLC whose goal is to produce and foster peace in the workplace.  Becky has over 20 years of experiencing helping non-profits, which has led her to her preferred title of: “Professional Encourager of People.” Her innovative and proactive style has helped countless clients, from business and non-profit leaders, to human resource professionals, to individuals seeking career direction. Her experience covers an array of areas, such as risk mitigation which stretches from compliance, to conflict resolution, to supervisor training, to showing how to appreciate employees through rewards which encourage behavior that aligns to the values of the organization.  In addition to experience in Workplace Compliance, Becky’s expertise lies in human resources law and payroll law.  Becky Becker, MPA, SPHR, SCP, is well versed in FMLA, ADA, EEOC, PDA, ADEA, and USERRA.  And in her “spare” time, she has writing a book entitled “It Won’t Kill You to Ask!” and is a public speaker who has spoken to thousands of people in all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. If you have any questions for her, it’s safe ask them. Becky is an open book and encourages dialogue to build organizations. It is this belief that drives her passion to “simply” help better people and the organizations they serve.

Chris Fitz

Director of Strategic Initiatives, Advoz
Chris Fitz studied and worked in conflict resolution, program management, and fund development for more than 20 years. He founded and led campus-based mediation programs at Hampshire College (Amherst, MA) and Colgate University (Hamilton, NY) and has studied and worked with community peacemaking in the US, Northern Ireland and Croatia, earning his M.A. at the Universitat Jaume I (Castellon, Spain). More recently he has nurtured interest in arts-based approaches to transforming conflict with improvisation and action theatre. In leadership since 2014 with the Center for Community Peacemaking before merging with Conflict Resolution Services, Chris shares a bustling bi-lingual and musical household in Marietta with his wife and two children.

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