Building the 2022 Experience – Together.

Putting the “Collaborative” in Collaborative Conference.

The “Collaborative” part of the Collaborative Conference isn’t just about our conference partners working together to create an experience – it’s also about YOUR role in building this thing out! What would you like to see as part of the 2022 Collaborative Conference experience? Let us know here!

  • Past themes have included Rising with Resilience (2021), Reimagining Together (2020), Putting the Unity in Community (2019), and Inclusion by Design (2017 and 2018).
  • This could include anything from ideas for workshops and keynotes to thoughts on how we network and connect with one another - or anything else you have in mind (recipe sharing, wellness activities, signature cocktail/mocktail, etc.).
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Our Agenda.

Check out what we covered in 2021 at Rising with Resilience.